Charting the future of proptech in new zeland

By sam stewart

The 2023 NZ Proptech Map is complete! Check it out now!What have I included? Anything that innovates on and improves the way we design, build, buy, sell, rent, or invest in property. From smart home solutions enhancing living comfort to AI-based property valuation tools, these are the companies is reshaping New Zealand’s interactions with property.This is only the start. If you know of any other companies innovating in the property space, let me know so they can be added.Current count: 64 proptech companies!

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Why am I doing this?

I'm fascinated by novel solutions targeting pain points within the property sector. The New Zealand proptech sector has largely remained uncharted, making your insights key compass points as we chart this unexplored territory.One of the subsequent objectives is to grow connections between early-stage startups, established entities, and industry experts. I frequently encounter questions about the emerging startups in the field and the issues they are addressing. This initiative aims to shed some light on the ingenious approaches being explored.Through this, we can stimulate the early-stage ecosystem to further thrive. Over time we will gain valuable insights into how New Zealand's proptech sector is maturing and expanding.

Let me know

Do you know of a New Zealand proptech company doing awesome things? Fill out the form so I can include them in the comprehensive map of the proptech landscape.Please provide as much detail as possible. The more information you give, the clearer we can see how this company contributes to and shapes the proptech sector.For example, are they helping commercial asset owners understand their carbon footprint? Are they helping first home buyers get onto the property ladder? Whatever their mission, your knowledge will help paint a detailed picture of our proptech terrain.

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